About Us

Aermotiv Team

With our expertise in the aviation aftermarket, we aspire to be the first choice for our customers in where they place their trust. We always ensure we are able to find and deliver a quality product.

Passion For Aviation

Aermotiv was founded by people who are passionate about Aviation. With over 40 years experience in the management side of aircraft part procurement, we understand the demands that operators face. That’s why we work tirelessly to search the whole market. We are not limited by location or language. Because our inventory is found across the world, we know the true market of a component. With a staff who is fluent in 9 languages, we know how and where to find what you need, regardless of where it is at.


There is a reason why our customers choose to do business with us. They know that we stand behind every part we sell. They know that we understand their needs and their timeline. They know that we create value. That’s why we founded Aermotiv. We understand Aviation.


We understand the economics and the value of incorporating after-market components as part of an operators business model. Reducing costs by using after-market components can significantly increase your bottom line.


We put safety first and seek to use only the highest quality repair facilities to work on our components. That way our customers can be reassured that they are getting the quality they deserve.


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